Big Sam’s Big Club

With a month passing after Ronald Koeman’s dismissal and still no movement on the manager front, Evertonians rightly became restless especially with results not changing under caretaker manager David Unsworth, but when a new manager was finally appointed it was met with mixed reactions.





Sam Allardyce was now the new Everton manager. Now, I exactly excited by the appointment but I certainly wasn’t going to jump on the bandwagon of immediately hating him for what he’s done in the past, because frankly, I don’t care. Willing to give anyone a chance, and seeing that we were in free-fall to be relegated, Big Sam was always going to have my backing. It was easy to see there were mixed reactions and obviously everyone can have their opinion, but the fact that some “fans” were declaring they were going to cancel their season ticket in wake of the appointment was nothing but pure cringe. It didn’t really help the situation when ex-red Sammy Lee was brought in as an assistant but, as he isn’t from my era, I once again didn’t care.4730059E00000578-5164679-image-a-81_1512922176413


Having conceding 16 goals in the 5 games before Allardyce arrived compared to the single goal conceded in the 5 after, it’s clear the Allardyce effect has began and a solid structure has been put in place. This isn’t a relief to just the fans – it’s easy to see the confidence that having a solid plan in place has instilled in the players… Just look at the transformation of Ashley Williams. He has been solid as a rock since Big and Little Sam arrived whereas under Koeman he was running around like a headless chicken. I also think that having Sam here is one of the best things that could have happened to Kenny and Holgate – they have both been absolutely immense.472FC20800000578-5164679-image-a-34_1512919059247

Whether it be because of the good run of results, the fact Little Sammy Lee celebrated Rooney’s penalty against his former club or Big Sam’s straight-forward honesty with the players and fans, opinions on the management are definitely changing. Even though some still think of him as a stop-gap whilst we turn things around, what’s to say he won’t do well…? He’s never been at a club with as much money as us and he’s also never had players of this quality. You can already see he’s got the players playing for him and we’re back to being a stubborn team to beat which is the kind of team which wins trophies – especially when we get a new striker in January. They must have seen something in him to think he was good enough for the England job. This is Big Sam’s Big Club and it’s his chance to show everyone what he can do… he may just surprise us.



Sidenote – I also don’t see us having to wait anotheryear for another bloody away win…




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