Bored of the Board.

With it nearing 22 years since Everton Football Club last won a trophy, there is one thing we have learned about the fans – the have patience. It is not a trait that they would have particularly wanted but it’s certainly one they have had to have. Here is the question: where do you draw the line? Well…they should have drawn it years ago. Enough is enough…or in this case ‘not enough’ is enough.everton-football-club

With the new investment of Farhad Moshiri and the recently announced new sponsorships of both next seasons shirt and Finch Farm the future of EFC should be looking bright. However, it is time for the board to stop making these ambitious claims and to start taking action. It’s now a third of the way into the January transfer window and even though the exciting young talent of Ademola Lookman has been acquired, no squad additions who can have an immediate impact have been brought in.nintchdbpict000292435365-e1483628762848

Morgan Schneiderlin looks to be the closest deal to completion as the player has found himself not in Mourinho’s plans and would apparently jump at the chance of joining his old boss Ronald Koeman. But again Everton, as usual, are dragging their heels whilst agreeing a fee and want to save as many pennies as possible…wpid-article-1331542074401-121d0ac2000005dc-559245_466x310

Now we know the Toffee’s have had some dark times in the past and Bill Kenwright has done some exceptional work in stabilizing the club with such as small budget but it’s time for them to realize times have changed. Maybe old habits die hard but Everton are in the money now and it’s time to take advantage. They need to show what a powerhouse they can be in the transfer market and aim for the higher calibre players that will take the club forward. Of course the search should always be on for untapped talent like Seamus Coleman and Riyad Mahrez but money talks and money can buy you guaranteed quality.
The club needs to move forward, the fans need Silverware, the Board robert-elstone1needs to get it into their head that money isn’t tight anymore. Everton are going to get left behind if they don’t kick themselves into gear and take advantage of their new found wealth. A few extra quid isn’t going to turn them into a plastic club who are willing to just buy the league but they need to make changes in how they operate and they need to be made soon.


  • J. Swann

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