The £50mill Man.

Another summer window, another batch of newspapers trying to sell our players. If it’s not Lukaku, its Barkley – if it’s not Barkley its Coleman – if its not Coleman…well you get the picture. If rumors were to be believed then Ronald Koeman would have turned up to an empty training ground…much like he did at Southampton, but as I don’t see Liverhampton… sorry, I mean Liverpool, buying the majority of our team I think we’ll be alright.

However there seems to be one player with his heart set on leaving Goodison Park this summer and that is 22 year old John Stones. The young centre-back has reportedly asked to leave the Blue’s as he has his eyes fixed on a place in Guardiola’s new-look Manchester City side and according to fresh reports in The Mirror, Everton are to meet with City’s representatives to discuss a proposed £50mill move.1786486-37727020-640-360

£50mill. Yep, you heard right.

Manchester City are a team with more money than sense in my opinion. Whilst I do think Stones is a great prospect and obviously has talent, he is not irreplaceable and there are many others out there who would be more than grateful to get the opportunity to play for us.  Look at Funes Mori. His first season in the Premier League and he took it in his stride. Yes he did make a few mistakes he and there but that is to be expected for someone having just taken his game to the next level, but the majority of his play was solid and he earned his place in the starting 11. However, solidity at the back was not his only strength, he also brought with him a handful of goals due to his heading ability, great positioning and, whilst it probably wasn’t the best time to show his passion for the club by grabbing the badge as he took out Liverpool striker Origi,  I couldn’t help the smile that was slapped across my face as he walked off the pitch. It was the only high I could take from that day after the 4-0 thrashing… But it does go to show that life after Stones is not only guaranteed, but could also be a blessing. No more bloody ballerina dancing around the box, just a good ol’ fashioned hoof to safety.

£50 mill can obviously buy you a good replacement and when Stones does make his inevitable move to the Mancs, I really do hope it goes as well as the other ex-merseysider, Raheem Sterling. Yes…I’m a bitter blue.3266634D00000578-3505740-image-m-3_1458726424334

So yeah, fifty million quid can buy you a lot. There are apparent talks going on to bring in Napoli defender Kouliblay for £41m, Everton are favorites to bring in Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk and lets not forget, we have our under-21’s to dig into. Galloway, who gave some exceptional performances last season at RB, managed to keep a clean sheet and also score the first goal in the ‘Koeman Era’ yesterday in our 1-0 win in Austria and Mason Holgate also looked comfortable and solid so it is good to know we have the back-up there as well if we need it.

It’s gonna be another interesting summer for the Toffee’s as they look to come out the other side stronger and if that means selling a Stone for a £47m profit, then who can argue with that business… Onward and Upwards.

-Joel Swann

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