The Juan?

With Jose Mourinho’s arrival at Manchester United, there is no doubt one player worried about his future at the club. Juan Mata has already been sold once before and as he now finds himself in the company of his former boss, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him leave the Red Devils this summer.

Juan quickly became a fan favorite at the Manchester club through his hard work on the pitch and his friendly personality off, so it has obviously left some fans somewhat devastated at his possible departure.

The Spaniard was brought in by ex-boss, David Moyes, from Chelsea in 2014, but even after some impressive performances and goals (most notably against the Kopites) Mata couldn’t find himself representing his country in the Euro’s. Why? Because he has been played out wide and out of position. Mata is an attacking midfielder and his full potential has and will never be seen as long as he is stuck out on the wing. Juan believes he can fight for his spot in United’s starting 11, but with the imminent arrival of Paul Pogba for £100 million does he really believe he is part of Jose’s plans? Juan Mata is the type of player that could be the star man of a club but sadly that will never happen at Manchester United.CS48071658LONDON-ENGLAND-

So what are his options? Rumors are that he has been offered to Juventus as part of a deal for Pogba but that would mean leaving the best league in the world and that in itself would be undesirable for any player. So whats his other option? Well…there is a club on the verge of returning as one of the big boys…. and to be part of the Blue Revolution would be somewhat of an attractive prospect. Of course I’m talking about Everton.

It’s an exciting time to be a Blue’s fan – New investment, the promise of a new stadium, a new boss and a substantial war chest for the summer – and here’s why Juan Mata should be part of Everton’s future…

The incoming boss, Ronald Koeman, is set to bring a new lease of life to the club in the coming seasons and that also means some new faces. Koeman has already been seen saying in a video that its a possibility to bring in the Spanish CM and since they have already worked together at Valencia, it would be a perfect time for a reunion. A transfer like this would show the rest of the league that Everton means business but it wouldn’t just be for the Toffee’s benefit. Mata could end up being the player he wants to be – the star player, the man leading the line. He would be the name on every kids shirt. The experience he would bring to the team would also be very much appreciated, especially by players such as Ross Barkley who seemed to lose his way under Roberto Martinez, but those two controlling the midfield could prove a lethal paring.

Koeman-everton-mainIt would be a tough task to convince Juan it would be the right move but if anyone can do it, its Everton…I mean look at the way they stole Koeman… It’s going to be an interesting and exciting summer for the Blues and Juan Mata is definitely a name that should be at the top of the list.


-Joel Swann

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