Dutch Courage…

“He’s just moving for the money” – Never have those word been used to address a situation involving Everton…until now.

Since Farhad Moshiri took over as the major shareholder it was clear from the beginning he meant business. It wasn’t long before the disappointing results and successive poor table finish resulted in the sacking of Roberto Martinez and the fans couldn’t be happier. Moshiri could just be the savior of the club.MOSHIRI-EFC_3584049b

It seems Moshiri knew who he wanted to lead the blues and he wasn’t going to stop until he got his man. Various names were being thrown about: Pellegrini, De Boer, Howe, Moyes…the list goes on but whilst many Evertonians wanted to see the Southampton boss take charge, non really believed it was possible as he was keen to complete the extra year on his contract at the Saints. In steps Farhad. Now, whilst many fans of opposing PL teams were quick to tell us “he’s just going for the money” many knew there must be something more to it. For the last two years Everton have under-performed under the guidance of Martinez and two 11th place finishes were unacceptable. Southampton may indeed be in better form as of late but to say they are a bigger club than Everton is…well…lets say ‘debatable’. Look at the squad. The amount of quality they possess, even if Lukaku moves on in the summer, is desirable to any manager and with the backing of the new shareholder and a few tweaks here and there, Everton could be returned to the formidable force it once was. Nobody should expect Everton to be challenging for the top 4 straight away though, this is a team that needs re-building and rejuvenating. A top 6/7 finish for the Blues and the Dutchman is a reasonable idea for next season but they shouldn’t stop there. Once Koeman has made the team his own, the title should be the aim. If Leicester can, then why can’t we?Everton-main

Koeman will bring a sense of solidity to Everton. The balance of attacking and defending play is something that has been a miss with Roberto but what is most desirable about the Dutch manager: his ability to have a Plan B. If things aren’t going to plan he won’t wait around in hope of his tactics to magically start working, he will make the substitutions necessary to take the game at a different angle and hopefully bring on the comeback e.g. Southampton 3 Liverpool 2.

Everton have proved they are the sleeping giant of the Premier League because only a team of a high caliber could lure away a manager who only recently committed his future to his previous club. Everton are back and its has the opposition worried that the plucky little Blues may be on the verge of becoming the power-house they once were.

-Joel Swann



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