A long time coming…

The words ‘Everton’ and ‘Rich’ are not a pairing that are usually found in the same sentence but recent events may be about to change that…

On the 26th of February 2016 a 49.9% share of Everton Football Club was purchased by Iranian Businessman, Farhad Moshiri. First of all, despite what many Evertonians were hoping for, this is not a complete take-over of the club however Moshiri is now the majority shareholder. This means the 1.3 billion pound man will be working alongside Chairman Bill Kenwright for the foreseeable future which , I believe, will be the perfect combination. There is no better man than Bill to continue to take the club forward without losing the long-standing traditions that the ‘Blues’ fans hold so dear, and now with the financial backing of his new partner, the foundation is in place to revive Everton to the Giant of a club it once was.MOSHIRI-EFC_3584049b

Farhad Moshiri was previously a shareholder in fellow Premier League club Arsenal but due to his smaller share in the ‘Gunners’ he really didn’t have much influence in the decisions made there.  Yet now with a substantial share of almost 50% at his new team the Iranian will be believed to have a greater impact in the ‘goings-on’ in the business Everton conducts – whether that will have a positive or negative influence, only time will tell but as he has been involved in the British game for a good while now, I believe that he is not only a businessman but also a football fan so I am optimistic that he can help us achieve great things.

No-one truly wants to leave a great Stadium like Goodison Park but the Old Lady is getting on a bit and to take the leap into modern football it will mean leaving her behind. It is a sad though to leave such a historic and traditional ground but as we watch teams such as West Ham and Tottenham planning and moving into new stadiums it has become apparently that it is a necessity for our club to move forward. Personally I think a stadium to fit around 50,000 with cheaper season-ticket pricing would be a step in the right direction and it would also have to be christened with a name that  represents our club, e.g. ‘Optimum Stadium’.

When it comes to the summer transfers – rumor has it that the Everton boss has been given a budget of 100m, however  the ‘Toffees’ have always had reputation of being able to find the untapped young talent, whether it be through their successful academy or through scouting for potential in the lower leagues (a certain 3mil Barnsley player springs to mind…) and even though I can see maybe one or two ‘bigger’ signings being made in the window, I hope they continue to search for the bargains of the century…  *cough*sixty grand*cough*Seamus Coleman*cough*3000

I feel this is that start of big things for the Blues and they should be starting to challenge for the title in the next five years….well…as long as they don’t keep bloody blowing away their 2-0 leads anyway…


-Joel Swann

2 thoughts on “A long time coming…

  1. As Evertonians since birth in the1950s, how can we get excited about the future with all the broken ( dreams) dating back to the 1990s and upto date, this includes the present manager who wants to LOSE playing lovely, will some person close to him we want THREE points, even if we don’t play well.


    1. Totally agree, at the end of the season if he hasn’t achieved anything we need to get rid and bring in someone who has had success without relegating their team at the same time…


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