Whats the story, Funes Mori?

To get to share an international pitch with such an outstanding player is just a dream for many, however, Lionel Messi gets that pleasure.

Ramiro Funes Mori.

When the Argentine arrived from River plate this summer nobody really knew who the hell he was, but when Phil Jagielka found himself sidelined for 3 months, he certainly made a name for himself. It’s been a long while since Everton have possessed a centre-back who is so determined to threaten the goal each game, but here he is and he already has 3 goals to his name.

Funes Mori has already made himself a fan-favorite among the fans and it is no doubt down to the amount of passion he continues to show on the pitch and, to be honest, some of the other toffee-men could learn a thing or two off him. If there is one thing that the Blue’s fans appreciate it’s effort. Mori has persistently given 110% every game and even if he does sometimes make a silly mistake, he is on the right side of the fans and all will be forgiven. Those who have given such effort in the past have always left on good terms, e.g Jelavic, Naismith, Heitinga etc.

It is obvious that Everton haven’t been the best ‘defensively’ this season…or last season but with the squad having changed as of late, the new partnership in Mori and Jagielka is proving fruitful as the Blues have only conceded one goal in their last four games. Is this the way forward? Lets hope so. At first 9 million quid looked a bit steep for a unknown player unproven in the Premier League but now….what a steal!


-Joel Swann

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