Simply the Best…

The Barclays Premier League. The best league in World Football.

Who would have though at the beginning of the season that Leicester, the same Leicester that was fighting relegation mere months ago, would be front runners to finish top of the table. It’s these unpredictable twists which makes this league the best.

Of course we have the regular suspects for title contenders: City, United, (usually) Chelsea, Arsenal and this year Tottenham, and then we have  those who are on the cusp of Champion League football and the title race: West Ham, Liverpool, Southampton and as an Evertonian I would love to say we’re in the mix but…well…no…(at least not at the moment). So look at that, nearly half the league has the potential to earn themselves a spot in a European Tournament. What other league possesses such openness, strength and unpredictability? Li Liga: 3-4 possible contenders, Serie A looks as though Juventus will be running away with the title…again… Ligue 1: Monaco in 2nd place are closer to 18th than to PSG at the top. I could go on but personally, non of these leagues hold the real excitement that the PL boasts. Granted, Li Liga is sporting possibly the two best team in the world but apart from Athletico Madrid and when they both meet in the famous ‘el Classico’ no other team statistically poses a legitimate threat to either Barcelona or Real Madrid. Again with Ligue 1, where is the excitement knowing that PSG has already won the league so early on? Of course as a football fan I think that all these leagues are great in their own way but I just don’t think it compares to the BPL.

Going back to LeiBurnley-v-Leicestercester, the ‘Foxes’ are a perfect example why our league is so great. They show that money isn’t everything and can’t buy class. In a generation where the majority of football clubs are solely run as money-making business, it is refreshing to see an old fashioned team like this proving that you don’t need billions of pounds spent on the squad to succeed as long as they have great spirit and togetherness because, in my opinion, there are no stand out players there who would fit well into another side as it is the WHOLE team working FOR the team as a machine which is resulting in them perform so outstandingly.

It’s not only limited to top players who have aspirations to play in our league (although it may not work out for some, e.g. Falcao & Di Maria) but the PL also shows that it has the power to lure in the top Pep-Guardiola1managers in Football as Pep Guardiola will soon be gracing the League with his presence next season as the new manager of Manchester City, and if rumors are to be believed, Mourinho won’t be gone for long as United are lurking.

All in all, every League has its merits as well as its faults and even ones like the MLS are making great strides and growing in popularity recently, yet I believe at this moment in time the British Premier League is the pinnacle of League Football. I have to admit I was a bit jealous of Leicesters success as I think this would have been a great season for Everton to make an impression but we’re going to be nothing but average under Roberto Martinez. So with that in mind I am going to be backing the Foxes all the way because, lets face it, we all love the underdog story. C’mon LCFC!


-Joel Swann

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