Time to go?

12th place in the BPL table is where Everton FC currently reside at this moment in time. This is a team that hadn’t finished in the bottom half of the table in nearly a decade until last seasons campaign! Everton currently hold the record of the 6th worst defense in the league alongside last years champions, Chelsea. Attacking, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be a problem for Roberto Martinez’s side who are 4th top scorers, which they can thank Romelu Lukaku for who has already racked up an impressive 15 goals so far which, to be fair, is partly down to the assistance of ex-Barcelona man, Gerard Deulofeu.  Attacking attractive football with a leaky defense? Seem familiar? This is a trait that seems to follow Martinez to any team he takes charge of, as the blues are unnervingly starting to mirror a past Wigan side of whom the Spaniard left as they were relegated.

Its fair to say that Everton have had their fair share of bad luck this season with numerous deflected goals, offside goals and quite a few controversial referee decisions and the Toffees’ manager is first to use that excuse for poor displays. However, as more and more negative results continue to come their way, Evertonians are beginning to question whether it really is ‘luck’ that is responsible for their form or whether the problem lies with their head coach…

The stats don’t lie, 1 win in their last 10 premier league games is simply not good enough for a club as historic as Everton in this day-in-age and, truth be told, Evertonians deserve better. Patience has run out for many, and fans are now calling for the Spaniard to be sacked. Sacking a manager in the middle of a season is a risky move though. Maybe form will turn? Maybe luck will change? Its impossible to guess what will happen but if it continues the way it is going, the Blues may find themselves in a relegation dogfight. The point can be made that a new manager couldn’t really do much worse and maybe the change in playing style and a renewed sense of confidence could just be the kick up the ass the team need to finish in a respectable position.

In my opinion, finding a new manager to take over half way through a season will be a difficult task but finding a stand-in head coach could be a plan. A member of the backroom staff could be brought forward for the rest of the season to take charge which, in turn,  will give the board time to search for a more permanent solution for the summer.

Who knows what will happen. Only time will tell. One thing is for sure though, something has to change at Everton Football Club.

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